Submitting to Foundations

Historians, law-makers, political theorists and Utopian Studies scholars – this one is for you. For this section we invite you to 1) recommend an overarching system of governance for Terra Two 2) to suggest a particular law that in your view, should be implemented when the first settlers arrive on Terra Two in order to ensure survival 3) or to write an outline constitution for Terra Two. Papers in this section should be 500-1500 words.

Once you have completed your piece of writing for Foundations, please send it to the Terra Two editorial team for consideration through the Online Submission Form on the About page. We will accept high quality writing which follows the recommendations laid out above.  We invite work from staff members and students at YSJ and from selected guest contributors outside our institution. Please include a 50 word biography and photograph. Please follow an established referencing system for citations and bibliographic details.

Let’s join our many voices together in order to create a mutually sustaining reality, next time around! We look forward to listening to your work with great anticipation.

yin yang