We Are Limitless

Matt and students

Matthew Leutwyler, an  old friend from my university days in Santa Barbara, California, has not only fulfilled his dreams of becoming a prolific film-maker in Hollywood, California, but he has gone on to use his energy and talent to support the education, healthcare and otherwise general well-being of 46 young people (8 who have now graduated from University) from Rwanda through his charity ‘We Are Limitless’:


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In January of 2017 I had a meeting with a local entrepreneur in York, and he gave me some tips about running an on-line creative project.  The fellow I spoke to runs his own online magazine, where individuals pay a few dollars every month to view the submissions, and he talked to me about the editing process, how I might think about cataloguing the entries on my own site, and so on, for which I was enormously grateful.  After the meeting, I had an idea about a way to do something practical and positive-

Terra Two won’t be charging readers, but what if everyone who enjoys reading, viewing or listening to a piece on Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival could give at least one pound more if you can spare it – to Matthew’s project?

It might be helpful to know that at We Are Limitless ALL the money raised goes straight to support the young people and their education; WAL doesn’t pay salaries to executives or board members.

Would you consider doing this? If so, please go to http://www.wearelimitless.org and donate a pound or more (enter in dollars – one or two dollars is great!). Please quote ‘Terra Two’ in the comment box, so that Matthew and the young people supported by We Are Limitless will know there is one more person reading a UK-based magazine who sends all best wishes for their well being and success! Finally, would you mind leaving a reply in the ‘comment’ box below, letting us know your twitter or instagram handle (or name) and how much you’ve donated (a single dollar is very welcome, and goes much further in Rwanda than it does here!)? That way we can add up how much T2 has earned for WAL on a monthly basis. We’ll then share this on the site.

As visitors to the launch of Science Fiction for Survival: An Archive for Mars donated very generously, we now know the project has earned (at least) $285.00 for We Are Limitless as of the 13th of April!

Thank you!

LK – Caretaker, Terra Two

Check out this music video – written and performed by Emilia Kabare, one of the talented young women Matt supports here!!




  1. Chris Maunder

    $50 donated on 18th April – an Easter gift!


  2. $5.00 from @YSJTerra2 13/4/19 🙂


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