Illustration project 2016 – 17

In autumn of 2016, Liesl King and Louisa Parker, Senior Lecturer in Illustration, met to discuss ways in which the Illustration students might engage with the Terra Two project.  Louisa decided to invite her second year students to respond to the prompt from ‘A Bird’s Eye View’ category of Terra Two, with a prize for the best work to be awarded at the end of the academic year.

There were two joint prize winners, Hannah Kenyon and Megan Hirst.  Their work was jointly selected as each student stayed close to the brief and created a multi-levelled ‘world’ through the illustrations they submitted.  As editors, we were extremely impressed with these exceptional contributions.  Viewers, you can see the prize winning entries by Hannah and Megan under the category ‘A Bird’s Eye View’.

Additionally, the other entrants to the competition submitted beautifully-crafted, other-worldly and evocative art-work too – you can see their submissions below!

Andrea Torres:

Andrea Torres Zayas THE LAST HANGAR SHIP_Page_1

Andrea Torres Zayas THE LAST HANGAR SHIP_Page_2


Alex Fallon:

TT Alex Fallon world

Charlie Dunhill:

TT Charlie Dunhill Nobody thinks about the werewolves

Heidi Westmorland:

TT Heidi Westmorland creature 3TT Heidi Westmorland creatureTT Heidi Westmorland creature 2

TT Heidi Westmorland digital creature

Megan Hooley:

Megan Hooley Terra Two yr 1 illustration sketchbook 6Megan Hooley Terra Two yr 1 illustration sketchbook 7

TT Megan Hooley Space Journey


To all the contributors from the Illustration programme – many thanks for these wonderful submissions to Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival!

Liesl King, Caretaker