On Louis Armstrong, by Camille Bainbridge

Make Louis Proud


“And I think to myself…..what a wonderful world.” For those of you who don’t know, those aren’t my words. They were sung by a gravelly-voiced man called Louis Armstrong in year 1967 of Earth time. He saw trees of green and red roses too, and he thought it was a pretty wonderful world.

When I think of the word ‘world’ it is usually used in a positive way:“I love you all the world” “you’re my favourite person in the whole wide world”, “I wouldn’t change them for the world.” I might get a few eye-rolls and sarcastic comments along the way but I’m choosing to focus my letter to you on the positive parts of Earth/Terra One/the first planet/whatever you would like to call us.

Some people on this Earth may say I’m very naïve and that life on our Earth hasn’t gone so wonderfully. There have been terror attacks in many countries, hate crimes, people bombing and maiming each other. Fighting over the colour of someone’s skin or the language they speak. Violent clashes over different beliefs and outlooks.  Murders, abuse, some people filthy rich while others are stinking poor. Global warming and endless pollution.

You may have heard about those atrocities. I’m not here to tell you about that. That is in your past. You’ve said goodbye to that Earth now. Sayonara, arrivederci, au revoir.  This is a fresh start. Good luck to you all. Bonne chance.  In bocca al lupo.

I’m not sure if you know what ‘wisdom’ is or what ‘pearls of wisdom’ are. I’m not sure if you even care. But I’d like to offer you some of mine. From Terra One to Terra Two.

Look after Terra Two – treat your home with respect; there probably won’t be unlimited planets, homes, earths and resources for the human race to thrive on. Second chances are rare; embrace this one and learn the lessons from our mistakes.

Look after the people and creatures of Terra Twoall people and all creatures. Forget gender, forget race, forget hate, forget disability, forget beautiful, forget ugly, forget fat, and forget judgement. Forget all the hurt and pain of the past. Each inhabitant on Terra Two is precious; treat them that way. Embrace life in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Take every chance you get for something good – enjoy the simple pleasures in life and celebrate the good and kind people. If you love someone, tell them. If you want something, try your hardest to make it happen. You never know when your second chance could run out.

The ancient people on this Earth believed that there were seven wonders of this world. I think there are many, many more. They are everywhere. You just have to look carefully for them.

I’m sure Terra Two will be full of new adventures and wonders but here are a few of ours to help you on your way:

The first lick of a cold ice-cream on a hot sunny day. Slipping into a warm snuggly bed on a dark winter’s night. The crackle of a coal fire and the warmth of a toasty hot water bottle. The sway of bright flowers in the spring breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass. The feel of sand in your toes and the sun on your face. The sizzle of bacon on a lazy morning. A happy waggy greeting from a canine friend. A new book and a hot bubble bath. A wiggle and a giggle. A glass of chilled wine and a laden picnic basket savoured by the sea. The silky feel of chocolate as it melts in your mouth.

A cheeky smile with matching twinkling eyes. Dancing and jigging. Belting out a song in the shower. The smell of a baby after their bath. The sound of the sea and the crash of the waves.  Happy times with family and friends. Kisses and cuddles from the ones you love. Hearty laughter and tears of joy.

I’ve hopefully survived unscathed without too many eye-rolls, so I’m going to leave it there and wish each and every one of you bon voyage.

 Go on, make Louis proud! Make it a wonderful world; whatever colour your roses and trees are.



Camille Bainbridge adores reading, and she has only recently started dipping her toes into the writing ‘pool’. She feels she has a lot more to learn, but she’s definitely having fun along the way. She feels honoured to have been invited to submit her piece for the Terra Two project.

Editor’s comment: We’re very pleased to have your Message in a Bottle submission Camille!