Submission Information for next deadline: 31st of January 2020

The next submission deadline is midnight on the 31st of January 2020.  Please refer to individual headings on the top of the Terra Two site for preparation guidelines, depending on your favoured mode of response:

  • For creative fiction or poetry, see ‘It’s Written in the Stars’
  • For literary analysis, see ‘Science Fiction for Survival’
  • For visual art/photography/film/gaming, see ‘A Bird’s Eye View’
  • For musical compositions, see ‘Music of the Spheres’
  • To write a message/create a podcast for the first-off world colonists, see ‘Message in a Bottle’
  • To celebrate an artist/writer/thinker of any kind so that they won’t be forgotten in the future, see ‘Ship’s Archive’
  • To contribute to the political structure of the first off-world colony, see ‘Foundations’
  • To contribute a scientific perspective on the first off-world colony, see ‘The Road’


When you are ready to submit, click on the ‘About’ heading and then click on the submissions page. Please follow directions carefully. We will get back to you within two weeks to acknowledge your submission, and decisions will be made within a month of the submission date.  We look forward to reading, viewing and/or listening to your work!

Liesl King

Rob Edgar

Adam Smith